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Wedding Jewelry Selection Tips

April 13, 2016 at 8:28 pm

Wedding ceremonies are not merely about grandeur clothes and jewelry. Weddings provide a sense of fulfillment and an identity that you will live with for the rest of your life. It is, therefore, important to pair your wedding dress and wedding jewelry to complement each other during this important day in your life. Here are some top wedding jewelry selection tips that you should not ignore.

Jewelry Selection Tips for Wedding

1. Pick Jewelries that Match your Dress

A displeasing clash of colors in your bridal outfit is the last thing you can wish for during your wedding. Jewelry that does not complement your dress will look odd from the start and might spoil everything in your dream day. For example, if you pick a traditional pure white wedding gown as your dress, try to avoid gold earrings or yellow diamonds for necklaces. Instead, use Platinum, Silver and Tanzanite jewels to match your pure white dress. Fashion stylists can help you pick and improve the dress-jewelry color synchronization.

2. Buy only Best-Fitting Wedding Jewelry Collections

Ensure that you measure your ideal necklace length, wrist bracelet size, earring weight and other important measurements that you need prior to buying. Avoid buggy and bulky items that will make you look like a clown in your dream day. If possible, try the jewelry yourself to see how fitting they are and how pretty you feel when you wear them. If you do not feel comfortable in the new jewelry, then ask the sellers to resize them to your satisfaction.

3. Be Very Picky when Buying your Jewelry

You should take your time when selecting wedding jewelry. Your engagement ring, necklaces, and earrings should be unique. The seller should find your taste for ornaments hard to please. Taking your time to the jewelry shop will ensure that you get the best pieces that will add more joy on your dream wedding day. If you are selecting a necklace, ensure that it is of the same color, material and texture as what you have always wished for. Stores that you had previously bought pleasing jewelry from are the best to start with when shopping.

4. Avoid Ersatz Jewelries at All Costs

Fake ornaments that can cause you embarrassment during your wedding day should be avoided at all costs. Jewelry that changes their color, or breaks into pieces when exposed to sunshine or rain elements is a great disappointment to many newlyweds. Some even melt into liquid causing huge embarrassment to the wearer and hence spoil everything during this important day. You should avoid counterfeit jewels on your wedding.

5. Compare Bridal Jewelry Costs

The total cost of buying your wedding jewels should be well within your budget. Avoid buying a heavy necklace to impress your admirers while exhausting your finances. If possible, you should buy interchangeable wedding ornaments which can be used on other occasions even after your wedding day. Such ornaments are very cost-effective since you can easily re-wear them on other special events.

Lastly, remember that your wedding jewelry should be pieces that make you comfortable and happy. You should, therefore, get rid of any jewels that do not help you achieve these two important feelings. Avoid trying to impress your audience with new jewelry that you do not like yourself.